Friday, June 5, 2009

Hippie Stuff in the Mall

So I wanted to pick up a few extra presents for Will, and I was told that Spencer's had some cool lights (he's a DJ). So I went to the mall and found myself surrounded by Hippie stuff. No kidding. Everywhere I looked I saw it. Earth Friendly cards sat on a rack in one store, long, flowing, Boho-Hippie skirts hung in the window of another, there was a ying-yang grinder and some pretty colored hookahs in the gas station nearby, and in Spencer's alone there were marijuana leaf shot glasses, lava lamps, Bob Marley blankets, hackey sacks, incense, Grateful Dead _________(fill in the blank, I bet it was there!) and peace signs galore!
I don't know if I should be jumping for joy or feeling apprehensive. On one hand, I love that there are so many product offerings out there for Bohemian, Hippie, Free-Spirit types like me, but on the other hand, I worry that people may be buying this stuff trying to be "cool" and that's why it's everywhere.
And here's why that bothers me.
I don't think anyone should have to try to be "cool." Nor do I think that certain "trends"
should automatically make you "cool." (Though I apparently have a chance of being "cool" now... funny, when I was in High School it was all about playing sports, wearing Abercrombie and Fitch, and hanging with the other "cool" kids... Weird. What if the world has gone mad. Suddenly the band geek, choir snob, theatre junkie, hippie loving, tree hugging, Goodwill shopping, anti-"cool" establishment kids will take over and I will be their queen! HAHAHA!!) Not really.
Okay, so I got little distracted. But the point is this: it's great that all that Hippie stuff is out there, but don't just get it to be "cool." Get it if it represents who you are, otherwise, leave it on the shelf. Always stay true to you. It's worked for me. (Being "cool" is overrated anyway...)