Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So we (me, my boyfriend, and three of our friends) went on this amazing camping trip to the Manistee National Forest near Manistee, Michigan and we had a GREAT time! We camped in a little campground, had long conversations (and some whittling) around the camp fire, made some pretty good food over the campfire, explored the land around us, had a little swim in the river, went to the beach in Manistee (Lake Michigan) and swam, played frisbee, made sand castles, and buried some people in the sand (don't worry, they got out). We went to dinner at a local bar in Manistee, saw some cool artwork, hung out at camp playing territories, cards, hacky sack, frisbee, and jamming out around the fire. We relaxed, de-stressed, and chilled out and genuinely had a wonderful time.
I love camping. Yes, it can be a little uncomfortable sleeping in a tent with five people, but it is completely worth it. Being able to be one with nature, practicing basic survival skills, and living a more simple life for a few days really revives the spirit. I almost wish I could live that way all the time, but alas, this Modern Bohemian has a lot of needs and desires that cannot be met living the simple life in the woods. Although... the camp site WAS only $15.00 a week. That would be roughly $60.00 a month to just stay there and live. I pay $600.00 a month now for rent. Think of how much money I could save living out there! haha Unfortunately, it's not an option... but I can always dream, can't I?