Friday, June 1, 2012

Living Life & Putting Bohemian Poetry into the World

After emerging from the depths of depression & realizing that human-made stresses do not need to make me unhappy about living my life, I have gotten a new drive & determination to do more with that life of mine. So I've been more focused on music, I've been reaching out to help others more, I've been teaching lessons again, I've been doing more writing, & most exciting of all, I published my first book!!

It is a short book of Bohemian Poetry. It's poetry about my life; about me.

This is what it looks like:

I am so proud of myself for doing this. I have wanted to share my writing with the world for so long; not just let it sit & gather dust somewhere. Especially poetry! Poetry- that is so personal, & yet, so universal. Poetry- that is such an expression of the things that normally go unspoken... 

If you feel like I do about poetry, or you have an interest in the bohemian lifestyle, or if you want to support me in my writing (& in my life), or if you just want to have a book by someone you know, then please, check out my Createspace page for the book: The Beauty of the Bohemian Life.

And get out there & do the things you want to do. Don't wait anymore.
Live Your LIFE!!!

I love you all.

Peace & Love,