Monday, February 22, 2010

PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian Loves the Olympics!

I like the Olympics because it is a time when the whole world comes together, even as everyone competes against one another.  The Olympics are great because they show us that there are people all around the world with stories we can relate to, dreams we can remember ourselves, and the drive to win that seems to be in us all. Plus, the sports are fun to watch.  We have been supporting Shaun White of course  (With his amazing hair, his friendly personality, and his kick-ass skills... how could you NOT root for Shaun White?!?) and we have been watching a LOT of curling.  (Partly because A. has a thing for Madeleine Dupont, but also because curling is sweet!)  There have been lots of amazing moments already (Evan Lysacek anybody?) and I think that there will be even more to come.  I am excited!
At school, we are doing a big lesson on Wednesday that ties in with the Olympics.  We will be sending the kids to different "stations" throughout their time with us in the gym, and at my station, I am going to be showing them flags of different countries and playing them the different national anthems.  I'm pretty excited.
Speaking of national anthems, nothing quite fills me with more American pride than hearing the Star Spangled Banner during the Olympics.  I think it's because it represents a whole country.  But more importantly, it represents a dream that was actually realized for someone who is kind of like me.  Those Americans on the podium, those few talented and lucky people, prove that dreams can come true for us.  Dreams come true.
That's why I really love the Olympics.  I like to believe in the power of dreams.