Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The search for Hippies and Bohemians

So last night (this morning technically) I did some google searching to see if I could find some like minded people or some interesting blogs and websites. I searched for Hippie, Bohemian, and Modern Bohemian. Here are some of the highlights of that search. I'm not sure how I feel about all of them yet, but I am willing to invest some time in figuring that out.

Hippiedippie.org: This site is described as: Musings, rants, and raves for the flower children of the 21st century...

The Old Hippie's Groovy Site: This site is covered in links and resources for all things Hippie. At the top of the page, it reads: "Some surf the web, I use it like a drug."

The Wild Bohemian Homepage: "Like if it's got anything to do with wild Bohemian cats and chicks, you'll probably find it here." This is another site that is covered in links. Links on Hippies, Beat Generation, The Grateful Dead, etc.

The Literary Bohemian: Bohemian writing, showcased in the Literary Bohemian. The site is stylish and amazing to look at. I've barely read a thing, but I have stared long and hard at the homepage, admiring the beauty of such simple, artistic, creative scenery. Amazing.

Urban Bohemian: His self-proclaimed cheesy tagline about himself is that he is a "thirty-something über-connected queer city-dwelling urban bohemian." I'm interested to learn more.

Bohemian Musings: This site is amazing to see. The banner at the top alone captures Bohemianism in a picture in the same way that The Bohemian Manifesto captured it in words. Speaking of words though... hers are small and hard to read. Get a magnified glass.

The Life and Art of a Whimsical Bohemian: An interesting site by a creative lady named Lisa. From what I have read and seen so far, she seems to be worthy of a closer look.

A Bohemian's Blog: At the top it clearly states: BOHEMIAN: A PERSON, AS AN ARTIST OR WRITER, WHO LIVES AND ACTS FREE OF REGARD FOR CONVENTIONAL RULES AND PRACTICES. So, you know what you're getting. :)

BigCity Bohemian's Blog: "The best days are the ones I spend at home, catching sips of coffee from the mug perched next to the bookend on my music shelf while I practice. My window faces east, looking out across Harlem..." This Bohemian gives insight from New York, New York.

Modern Bohemian: "An eclectic mix of bohemian musings..." This has a bunch of links to different topics such as: "Organically eating your way to better health."

Modern Day Bohemian: Song lyrics. "For Christine."

More to come I'm sure, but anyway...enjoy browsing. I know I will.