Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Making" My Way in the World

I have been crafting away for days, friends. I made more jewelry (including a birthday present for my friend, Kelsey) and lots of bath and body products. One of my favorites to make is a body butter scrub. I make it, use it, gift it, and sell it. It's amazing.
I'm a little nervous about giving out my great recipe, but I really do want to share it with those of you who have the desire, but not the know-how, when it comes to making bath and body products.
Now, the thing you will notice about my recipe is that I don't list amounts of anything. That's because I make that up as I go along. Just use your best judgement.

The first step in creating a great body butter scrub is to get a body butter base. (Much easier than making your own base... trust me!) I like the base from New Directions. Once you have the base, you can make the scrub!
Get a large bowl and put some of the body butter base in. Then, add some cornstarch. Mix thoroughly with a spoon. Then, add sugar. Yes, sugar! (I have a little secret about the sugar thing, but I can't reveal ALL my secrets to you!) Mix well. Finally pick your scent and your color and add tiny droplets of each, mixing as you go, until you have the desired scent and color that you want. (You can also find scents and dyes on the New Directions website)
That's it! You're done!
If you still don't want to make it yourself but think to yourself "I want me some of that body butter scrub," just convo. me on Etsy and I can make it for you. (For a price, of course. This Modern Bohemian still needs to eat after all.)

(NOTE: At the time of the most recent blog updates, in 2016, I am no longer an active seller on Etsy. I left this post as it was for memories alone.)