Thursday, December 30, 2010

PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian's Guide to a Happy New Year

The new year is almost here!  Oh the excitement!  Oh the anticipation!  Oh the fear of those new year resolutions!
To help get you all ready for the new year, I have some great resources for you.  Enjoy!

New Years Eve Entertainment

Make Money Online in the New Year

Work Towards Your Fitness Goals

Be ALL About Self-Improvement

Go "GREEN" in the New Year

Happy New Year!
Peace and Love, 

P.S.- I thought I'd share a few of my favorite pics from the blog this year as well.  Are any of these some of your favorites too?

My baby Ava!

Baby L. at the March for Babies

My first REAL Tigers game! (As in... not on TV)

Grand Rapids' Electronic Music Night

 My homemade Halloween costume.

Yay, Squirrels!

Poo Poo Paper!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What the Modern Bohemian's Been Up To...

I am a lucky girl.  So much good stuff has happened recently!

First, I got to go to Grand Rapids and work on a movie with 50 Cent!  That was really awesome.  I had a great time.  Then, that same day, I got to go see "White Christmas" at Cornerstone University (for free!) with my friend Kelsey, her hubby, and another friend of theirs (Rb).  I was surprised to see that I knew someone in the cast... a young lady I've known for years and years since she was just a little thing.  So that was amazing too!

On Saturday, I went back to Grand Rapids to see the exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum on Princess Diana that is touring around.  It was such a moving and worthwhile experience.  Princess Diana has always been an inspiration to me because of her volunteer work, her positivity, her support of the fine arts, and her sense of beauty, grace, and class.  Seeing her gowns, letters she received and sent, pictures, videos, and all the condolence books that were sent to her family (among many other things) was just an indescribable experience for me.

What else have I been up to?  Ah yes... working.

I have been assembling a gift guide for the blog that should be ready soon. Yay!  I've also been writing articles (like this one on Wilhuff) and promoting.  I'm also WAY into Sponsored Tweets.  I like Sponsored Tweets because I get to pick what I advertise and how I do it.  So I promote companies, products, and ideas I believe in, not just whatever ends up being offered.  Plus, it's been pretty steady work so far and I'm obsessed with Twitter, so it's a good combination! haha

Last night, I had a singing gig where I got to sing Holiday songs and Christmas carols for two hours!  It's my 3rd year doing it, and I just love it!  It's so much fun!  Getting to go caroling (inside where it's warm) and getting paid for it.  Pretty groovy.

I think you're caught up... though sometimes I forget things... that's okay.  I can keep things mysterious and keep ya coming back for more! ;)

Peace and Love,

Saturday, December 4, 2010

List My Five Lists: Christmas Quotes, Christmas Movies, How to Shop for Hippies & Bohemians, & More!

I write for List My Five, an amazing website where you can share fun lists (and even make some money too!)  I wanted to share some of my recent lists with you, as they relate to December and the Holiday season.  I have more to do, but here is what I have so far:

If you were born in December (or just want to know a little more about December) then check out:

If you're looking for some great Christmas Quotes, check out:

If you're looking to donate to charity, check out:

If you are looking for some great ideas for Holiday party food, check out:

It's a Wonderful Life (60th Anniversary Edition)      How the Grinch Stole Christmas      Elf (Infinifilm Edition)

If you are looking for some great Christmas movies to watch, well...
 let's just say, I have a LOT of options for you:

White Christmas (Anniversary Edition)      The Holiday      National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (Special Edition)

If you need some ideas for shopping for your hippie, bohemian, free-spirit friends and family, the following lists should help you out immensely.  One is Michigan specific, but if you live in Michigan, it's an awesome bonus I guess! haha  Check them out:

I hope my lists can help you out this December.
If you want to read my other lists too, just look through all of them by going to my

Peace and Love,