Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today is the Modern Bohemian's Birthday!

Yes, I was born on June 2.  (I like to put my fingers up when I say it because my birthdate looks like a peace sign, which is pretty sweet)
The other members of my immediate family have b-days in November, December, and January.  Then there's mine in June.  (I'm just always bein' different)  But I like having a June birthday because the weather is warm (and I am constantly cold), some people are out of school, and it seems like people are less stressed after summer begins to sneak up on them.  So yeah...
Mom and Dad, you may not have handpicked the date, but thanks for bringing me into the world on June 2, 1984.  I appreciate it very much.
Peace and Love to ALL, on your birthdays and everyday. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gluten-Free: Not Just an Annoying Dietary Demand

So I have been almost 100% gluten-free since the end of 2009 due to health problems and gluten intolerance, and now that I am in 2010, I am trying hard to avoid all contamination and be gluten-free, healthy, and happy.  In addition, I have been wanting to be more active, lose weight, and tone up before my sister's wedding in November.  Luckily, these two things have gone hand in hand.  Since being gluten-free and becoming more active, I have lost 29 lbs!!! Yes!  Amazing!

The most important thing I feel like I have gotten out of all of this though, is the true appreciation for healthy eating.  Basically, eating things that make your body feel good as well as look good.  I have always loved organic food, veggies, fruit, things like that, but now I am coming up with so many more uses for my favorites, as well as introducing new foods I hadn't really eaten before (Quinoa, polenta) and loving it.
Another added bonus: just cooking gluten-free, healthy meals for me and my house family and friends.  I love to cook, and I am an experimental cook anyway (meaning, I rarely make the same thing twice because  I never really follow recipes and I just go with what feels cool) so it has been exciting to make up new dishes and new methods for cooking certain dishes.

Some of my favorite things to do:

Southwest casserole (Rice based)
Steak and veggie kabobs (peppers, squash, onions, etc.)
Summer Salad (Fresh greens, veggies, and a light olive oil dressing... with asiago cheese)
Drizzle Dream (a yummy dessert)
Soup/Chili (Easy, fun, and experimental. haha)
Oven baked lemon/butter/garlic Tilapia
Green beans in garlic and olive oil
Beans and Rice

And so much more.  It's just fun.

And a little less work now that I am 29 lbs lighter... :) haha

If anyone out there wants any more information on gluten intolerance, celiac disease, gluten-free living, or going gluten-free as a method of weight loss, please let me know.  Leave a comment or send an e-mail to and I will tell you more about my personal experience and direct you to some fantastic resources.  Just put "Gluten-Free Questions" in the subject line.

Peace and Love,