Friday, August 28, 2009

Over 1,000 Hits!

PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian has now had over 1,000 hits! To me, that's pretty darn exciting. I love being a Modern Bohemian in this crazy world, and I love sharing my blog with all of you. Who knew though that people would actually read it!?!?
Well, I am grateful. Thank you so much to all of you who have spent some time here, reading about my life as a Hippie, Bohemian, Free-Spirit, trying to figure out where I'm going in life.
Peace and Love to ALL!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


So my cousin N. said to me something about how he gets by in life by focusing on his philosophies. He thought it would help me, because I have been a little... well, down in the dumps about the fact that our world is so fueled by money. I jokingly stated that my philosophies are solid but would probably only do me good in a commune, as a housewife to a wealthy (yet still Bohemian) man, or as a globe trotting celebrity who spent lots of time doing charity work. :) Okay, so this isn't entirely true. I can still have freedom, creativity, peace, love, fun, and inner serenity and have a "real" job... but it's trickier for sure.
I think what I need to do is follow my own advice. I wrote an article relating to people who need money, but aren't really made for the "daily grind" (and I'm not talking coffee. Mmmm... coffee.)
The title: "How to Make Money When You Aren't a 9-5 Kind of Person"
I talk about working part time, making money with your hobbies and passions, and basically... just making it happen. Which is what I need to do: Make it Happen! (Or as Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!")
So, here is the list of things I need to do:
1. Get at least 1 part time "real job."
2. Get some students and teach lessons
3. Sell some more of my jewelry
4. Get some gigs as a singer
5. Write more ehow articles
6. Get more followers for this little blog of mine
7. Sell some stuff out of my sweet online store
8. Spend more time being my creative self and eventually, it may help with the money issue (Basically... finish and publish my amazing book and sell millions of copies. hehe)
So yeah... I've got some work to do.
But I have realized something in these last few weeks of (self-created) torment... I can't give up the freedom I have found. I am me. I love me. And there are so many things about my life and my view on life that I cannot allow to be diluted or polluted by this modern world and this obsession so many have with money and power.
Jimi Hendrix said it right when he said "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
So I will continue to trust in the power of love. Love for others, love for life, love for the natural beauty in the world, and love for myself.
And everything will be alright...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bike Ride

We went on a lovely bike ride yesterday. (We being me, Will, and one of our roomies, K.) It was such a fun time! We rode to QD (Quality Dairy, for those of you not from Mid-Michigan) and got some ice cream. We sat on the curb and ate our treats and I felt a sweet memory of childhood flood back into my body. It's always nice to have experiences that bring up reminders of a happier, more carefree time.
Anyway, after QD we went through Michigan State University's campus and explored. We saw a giant polar bear in the Natural Resources building, enjoyed the fountain in front of the library, and took a little walk through the botanical gardens.
After the gardens, we rode back home and had some time to ourselves. It spent most of my time reading (Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason... one of my guilty pleasure books) and doing laundry. Also, I made sure to get some time in on Evony. Later we all hung out and smoked the hookah while watching Curb Your Enthusiam. Way funny show, but I find myself feeling so bad for Larry David! The episode we watched last night was of him performing in "The Producers," so it was not a new episode, but it was new to us. The whole time I was freaking out. I could barely watch. I was just thinking "Oh no, please don't let it all fall apart for him! Not now!!" haha Amazing how television can have such an effect. But I am a sucker for good tv, good movies, good music, good plays, musicals, and opera... anything creative that tells a story really.
Now today I am focused on creating income. I'm making money now, but not really enough. I must find a way to make ends meet, and hopefully whatever way I find can fit into this lifestyle I have become used to. A free lifestyle where I have time for creativity, reflection, relaxation, friendship and love. And bike rides. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Modern Bohemian in Pictures

Who is PonchoMeg: the Modern Bohemian? Her name is Meagan. She is a Hippie, Bohemian, Free-Spirit. She believes in peace and love above all things; she sees beauty everywhere; music, poetry, and art help her to thrive, and she tries hard to love all living things. She is a teacher, an artist, a writer, a singer, an actress, a songwriter, a poet, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, a believer, an idealist, a dreamer, and a person of the Earth. She is many things, but above all, she is Meagan. I am Meagan. And I love me.

This picture shows a few things about me. One: I love tie-dye. Two: I enjoy craft shows a lot. Three: I love to hang out with my friends. And four: Crazy Richard is by far one of the coolest people on the face of the Earth. He is a way good entertainer, a fun hippie, and all around groovy dude.

I'm seemingly never happy with my hair. I always seem to want to chop it off, color it, or style it differently. I think it's because I am a creative, artistic type. I'm not sure. But in this picture, I was growing out one of my many haircuts and I literally just wanted to see if by posing differently for pictures my hair would in turn look different too! haha It was an interesting experiment. Did it work? A little...

I love to do things for causes I believe in! In the picture above, I am at the 2009 March for Babies which raises money for the March of Dimes. I do the event every year with my sister and my cousin (also in the photo) and we always have such a wonderful time, all while helping a great organization.

I enjoy photo shoots. I may not be the best model, and we may not have the best equipment, but photo shoots are a blasty blast and a half! The photo above is from a photo shoot I did with my sister.

There's more... but I can't give everything away so soon. ;)

Poem, brought on by too much time to think

Sitting, thinking, wishing, hoping
Life of carefree days is gone
Now I don't know where I'm going
I just wonder why and hum a song
A song of wandering, finding my place
Journey here and journey there
Trying to fit with the other rats in the race
All the while knowing they don't care
All they see is the life they know
Where life of carefree days is gone
so I'm sitting, thinking, wishing, hoping
that I find me; even if I never belong.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Real Job"

So, I love being a Modern Bohemian and living my life on my terms and not answering to anybody, but the truth is... it is near impossible to live this way much longer. Not that I am giving up my freedom all together... it's just... I need a "real job." The dreaded "real job." Sigh...
But here's the thing. There is a job that would be categorized as a "real job," but still acceptable in the Hippie/Bohemian/Free-Spirit community as an acceptable Modern Bohemian job... and that job is as a music teacher. That happens to be what I am qualified to do (with my college degree and all...) and there is a position open. And I interviewed for it. And I thought it went well. And they said that they would call last week. And they haven't called.
I have had a horrible time this whole past week, wondering about this job. Agonizing over this job. I'm sure Dale Carnegie would be disappointed in my complete freak out mode I have adopted, but there's a reason that I am a free-spirit... I've never been able to stick to something made up by someone else. I always have to put my own spin on things... not that it is always helpful. I should be staying calm and optimistic, but I'm not. The truth is... I can't be calm and okay because I want this job so much. I love teaching, and I love music, and I love working with kids. This job has it all! And it's part time, so no need to feel completely bogged down... and it's in my hometown! Why wouldn't they want me? I grew up there... but who knows...
I guess here's to hoping they call next week. I sent a thank you note and an e-mail. Maybe I should call next week, but I don't want to appear desperate... (even though I probably am...)
The frustration of it all...
I just want to succeed again. I have had a few failures haunting me for the past few years and I just want to break free of them and live in complete happiness and harmony with myself again. I feel like if I can succeed at finding and keeping a "real job" and continue to support myself financially, I can find that balance I need to be golden. :) Money (and lack thereof) really can contribute to stress, agitation, and a person's overall outlook. It's too bad, but if you're living in the U.S. right now, it's a reality. Reality. I like it so much better when I don't have to focus on reality. (See blog post about children...)
But the reality of the situation is, I need a "real job." I still hope it will be this one, but if not... I will pick myself up and try again somewhere else.

I will not falter,
I will not fall.
I will not fail you all.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Whitney had it right. "I believe the children are our future... teach them well, and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside." So true.
Children are beautiful. They imagine, wonder, question, learn, play, and feel everything so strongly. They are curious, loving, funny, and inspiring.
As a teacher, one of my favorite things is when a student asks me a question that I never thought that they would ask. I actually like being surprised by abstract thoughts and ideas or just things that I never considered. The children are our future, so we must teach them well like Whitney said, but more importantly... I think we must remember all that they teach us.
They inspire us to be more humble, kind, compassionate, empathetic, curious, aware, and fun.
We were outside the other day and one of my roommates, K., said that she liked to revert to childish activities like coloring with sidewalk chalk and playing games like 4 square. I feel her. I like to "revert" sometimes too. It comes from the life lessons I've learned from the students; relax, have fun, leave responsibility behind and "revert." But I do wonder... why is it "reverting?" Why can't adults just enjoy the things that they enjoyed as kids? What's so wrong with that?
Here's something I loved as a kid and still love very much: The Land Before Time. I used to watch that movie every day in kindergarten. It's amazing. And yes, maybe I love it so much now because I loved it then, but that's okay. It still moves me. And yes... it is a children's movie. So what?
As I watched it again recently, I was humbled and I felt so much emotion. At one pivotal moment involving the main character's mom (a brontosaurus by the way) I was moved to tears. Laugh if you want, but I was emotionally stirred. I texted my mother. I said "I'm watching the Land Before Time and it made me miss my mommy. I love you mom." I'm a cheeseball... but I meant it.
Amazing how childish things bring you back to center. My mom and I disagree a lot. Sometimes we get a little tense towards one another. But the thing is... she's my mom, and I love her, and she did a lot for me. So no matter what... I will always come back. I have to. My mom is a part of me.
"I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way..."
Well, I am not a parent yet, but I am my mother's child, which means that I am the future, and I will lead the way. I'll lead the way home; I'll lead the way to the playground; I'll lead the way to the sidewalk where K. and I are drawing cats, peace signs, and other fun things; I'll lead the way to innocence, to learning, to hope, to magic, love, and miracles. I'll lead the way. I hope you follow, at least until you too can lead...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making Money Online

Modern Bohemians are not really known for having loads of money (unless they come from a rich family) but even otherwise unemployed Bohemians like me or even people with real jobs can make extra money online. I've been working on it for awhile now, and feel like I have really started to get the hang of it all. Only time will tell...

I'm a sucker for websites

More new sites to feast your eyes upon.

Check them out, see what you think.
I found the Positivity Blog when I was doing some research into positivity for my group on Peace, Love, and Positivity. It seems to have some interesting things on there. I haven't fully explored it yet, but I figured we could all kind of check it out together.
Seventh Generation offers loads of Earth-friendly, "Green" products. (Something I think we should ALL support)
Courage to Create was recommended to me by a member of my group on It is a very neat site, and super cute in it's design and layout as well.
Finally... The Flight of the Conchords. Band, TV show stars, overall funny and adorable dudes. If you have not watched the show... you should. It is an interesting kind of comedy... not for everyone, but it makes me laugh so hard. And I love all their songs and the scenes that go along with them. Check it out.
Well... just thought I would share some of my little findings while my sawmills were updating on Evony. haha Enjoy!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I told you it wouldn't be long! Here, have a website.

So I discovered this site. Amazing. Cool clothes, a cool story, seemingly very cool people, and even a "green" page. Love it! Check out ModCloth: Retro Indie Clothing. Enjoy.

Wow... It's been awhile, hasn't it?

It's been busy, busy, busy in this Modern Bohemian's life. I came back from the U.P., moved to Will's parents' house, had a yard sale, moved again to another house in a different city (actually, still in the process of moving), had a job interview, have spent some time hanging out with friends and family, and mostly... been cleaning at the new house. You see... we are living in a house with 4 other people (besides Will and me) and we get to have the basement. Kind of creepy... kind of cool. Very Bohemian. haha So I have been cleaning it and improving it with tapestries, art, all sorts of rugs, and cool hippie accessories like crochet blankets, lava lamps, vintage anything-I-can-get-my-hands-on, peace signs, and fantastic posters. (I have yet to hang up my amazing RENT poster...)
I've had a little time in between for other things. For example, I took a personality test my sister sent me through Facebook. Go here: Humanmetrics if you would like to take it yourself. I was ENFP which means I am an extrovert who uses intuition, feeling, and perception above other things. Here's a good explanation of what that means my personality is like from Wikipedia:

ENFPs are initiators of change, keenly perceptive of possibilities. They energize and stimulate others through their contagious enthusiasm. They prefer the start-up phase of a project or relationship, and are tireless in the pursuit of new-found interests. ENFPs are able to anticipate the needs of others and to offer them needed help and appreciation. They bring zest, joy, liveliness, and fun to all aspects of their lives. They are at their best in situations that are fluid and changing, and that allow them to express their creativity and use their charisma. They tend to idealize people, and can be disappointed when reality fails to fulfill their expectations. They are easily frustrated if a project requires a great deal of follow-up or attention to detail.

[ENFPs] delight in novelty. They are optimistic, enthusiastic, and vivacious, craving expressions of strong emotion. With a dramatic flair, they share their experiences with others, hoping to reveal some universal truth or win others over in support of a cause. Attuned to possibilities, Champions scan their environment, probing the emotions, needs, and motivations of others. This sensitivity sometimes conflicts with their intense drive for personal authenticity. Spontaneous and personable, they attract others to their company.

Well... I thought it was pretty interesting anyway.
I suppose I should go. Having internet again means I can work on making my city in Evony amazing! haha
Peace and Love Friends! I promise, my next post will be very soon!