Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Wilhuff (aka: Will, my boyfriend) is starting to do some great things, and I am so excited.  Just this past Friday he played an amazing house party called "Rave to the Grave," and his mixes were a huge hit with everyone there.  The best part was that most people were dancing when the Wilhuff originals came on.  THAT was awesome! In addition to that, yesterday, a record label contacted him!  Crazy!  I'm trying to help him out by helping him with his blog (Wilhuff's Blog) and helping him make connections with people on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter... and we're really making progress.
To make things even better, my writing world and my "being a good girlfriend" world are colliding in a really great way.  I got hired by Examiner.com to be the Lansing Electronic Music Examiner.  So now, I can write great stuff based on what I actually see around me in the clubs, bars, and online, I can promote Will and his music, I can help promote the Lansing music scene, and along the way, hopefully make some money so I can dig myself out of the financial pit I'm in. (And what a deep pit it is...)
But it is all so exciting.  Electronic music is amazing, and Wilhuff is amazing.  I am so proud of where he is and I think he can go far.  What an adventure that would be for this Modern Bohemian... to have a famous DJ boyfriend. haha  Hey, I can dream.  And if I keep dreaming and keep working and if Will keeps gaining momentum... that dream could very well come true.
Do you have any crazy dreams that aren't really so crazy?  Feel free to share.  (Especially if one of those dreams is to have an amazing house party with an up and coming DJ... because I can arrange that! haha)
Peace and Love,