Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treat for Unicef

Trick or Treating is such a fun activity for kids and parents to do together.  But did you know that you can have fun and raise money for a great cause all at once?  For 60 years, children and their families have been "trick or treating for Unicef," and making a huge difference.  If you haven't yet, your chance to start is now.  Just head into Toys"R"Us  or Babies"R"Us between now and October 30, 2010 and pick up a collection box for Unicef at the Guest Services desk.  Then take it door to door with you as you trick or treat  and ask people to donate their pocket change to Unicef.  (Also, check out the website to see how else you can help, even if you don't have kids!)

Why do this?

Well, first of all, Unicef is a worthwhile charitable organization to raise money for, as they do work to help children around the world.  Money donated to Unicef goes towards research, education, disease prevention, family support systems, child protection, AIDS/HIV relief efforts, and so much more.

Plus, many of our world's problems could be solved if we solved them earlier in life.  By helping children around the world, we are preparing the world for a better future with fewer problems.

And think about the message that you are sending to your own children at an early age.  Teaching your children to help others who are less fortunate than they are is so important for their development, and this is a great way to do it because it's fun, you will be able to see the results of your hard work, and the best part: you're helping children!  Children helping children is so important because it helps them to see that people who are their "peers," and perhaps considered their "equals," can still be in need of assistance and it shows them that it's okay to reach out.

So please, this Halloween, think about doing some trick or treating for Unicef!

Peace and Love,