Saturday, October 30, 2010

PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian's Great Glorious Gluten-Free Day!

Every day is filled with gluten-free food for me, but some days, I get super excited... because some days I discover new, delicious, gluten-free food and I don't feel so restricted anymore!  It's the feeling of freedom.  Of pure joy!

Okay... I know I sound a little overly dramatic, but you have to understand... I ate food with gluten in it for 25 years!  And food, just like music, clothing, art, movies, etc., brings with it special memories, feelings, and traditions for me.

For example, Fall weather is perfect for cider and donuts.  Except traditional donuts are like Gluten Monsters; filled with gluten and ready to sicken. ( But oh so tasty. ) I can't eat those!  And gluten-free donuts?  Just not quite the same... at least, I haven't found any as tasty as the Gluten Monsters out at the Cider Mill.  I haven't found any that even come close!  So disappointment sets in.  Cider and donuts is a part of family tradition.  So I'm left out a little, and it makes me sad.

But yesterday, that DIDN'T happen.  And we were kind of afraid it would.  I'll explain.

Will and his family took me with them to Frankenmuth yesterday and we went to the Bavarian Inn for an early dinner.  Now, at Bavarian Inn, you can get an amazing family style meal to share, but of course, it is filled with gluten.  You must imagine my joy then at discovering that the Bavarian Inn has a fairly extensive gluten-free menu that includes salads, beer, wine, at least 5 entrees including chicken, fish, and steak, and even dessert! I was thrilled!  I was able to celebrate a special event (Will's uncle's birthday) with people I care about and not feel left out (or hungry!).  I also got to enjoy the awesome atmosphere of the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, Michigan, one of my FAVORITE places to go in the Fall.  But it gets even better.

Later that night when Will and I were back home, I tried Ian's Wheat Free, Gluten Free Cookie Buttons (Chocolate Chip).  Will's mom bought them for me, but I was hesitant to try them because I have had a LOT of bad, packaged, gluten-free cookies.  But I tried them.  And WOW they are amazing!  I mean... they are really yummy AND gluten-free AND they are really not that bad for you!  Really!  One bag is less than 150 calories (and for people on Weight Watchers, I saw somewhere online that it was only 2 points.  But don't quote me on that, I only saw it at one source.  You may want to research it yourself.)

How exciting is that?  Two gluten-free moments of pure happiness and satisfaction!  What a great, glorious, gluten-free day.

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If you had a great, glorious, gluten-free day where you discovered and enjoyed something new, please share it!  Leave a comment. :)

Peace and Love,