Friday, November 13, 2009

Healthy Living and Weight Loss... Or Something Like That...And Other Antics

So, for awhile now I have been limiting my gluten intake for health reasons, trying slowly but surely to get on a gluten-free diet. Now, my roommate K. is being forced to do the same for different reasons, and as much as I feel bad for her, it's nice to have someone share this battle with me. Today we went to Foods For Living and picked up a bunch of gluten-free food, as well as some organic fruits and veggies. Well, let me tell you... eating gluten-free is NOT easy OR cheap. But luckily, the lovely people at the store gave us a list of gluten-free foods, so that we can try to pick them up other places. AND a very helpful older man who is also on a gluten-free diet gave us tips on what's good and what's not. He was a total stranger and just another customer, but he reached out to us with such generosity and kindness that it really brightened my day.
In addition to this gluten-free thing, I have been meaning to try to get back into shape and lose weight. I have had several health problems over the past few years that have made it hard for me to work out, but I am sick of letting that hold me back. So my goal is to start doing more activity and have at least 2 structured work-outs a week to start. Plus, I want to eat a good amount of calories, so I am tracking all of this on, and hopefully... I'll make something happen.
I figure, if I talk about it on here it will help to keep me accountable. We'll see.
Anyway, in other news...
I nominated myself for an award! I figured, why not? So I did it.
Also, the animals have all been alternating between super cute and sweet and just plain naughty within the last few days! So that's been interesting. For example: Sam and Binks were cuddling and being all cute, licking each other and being good. Then I decided to give the cats tuna, and Ava came too, and they all shared and it was adorable. Then Sam knocked over the kitchen trash can and got garbage everywhere. The worst were the coffee grounds, which Jezebelle (J.'s puppy) kept trying to eat. Annoying. Then they were all being pretty good, until Sam went outside and sat in the driveway right in front of Will's car... while Will was trying to pull into the driveway! So I got him back inside, where he and the other cats were tormented by Jezebelle who wanted to chase and bite them. Then, Jez took things to a whole new level of naughty by peeing on the couch... in my favorite spot. Grrr....
But then just a few minutes ago, Jezebelle and I bonded in the kitchen. She followed my commands: sit, lay down, stay... and then we played and snuggled. And Sam was laying in the bedroom with Will, while Ava and Binks cuddled with A. as he napped on the couch. So that was all very sweet.
But now, as I write... it's all going crazy again.
That's what we get for living in this crazy Bohemian zoo though, I suppose. And honestly, I wouldn't trade it for anything... not even the ability to eat gluten. ;)