Friday, November 6, 2009

Hippie Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween, I went as a gypsy/pirate. I used all my own clothes, jewelry, etc. I literally made the cheapest Halloween costume imaginable. But it turned out pretty well. It just goes to show what you can do with a little imagination.
Which leads me to my roomies... K. and Will made sweet robot costumes out of cardboard boxes, and A. made an awesome costume of a Star Wars character out of foam, a wig, some adhesive, and a little make-up. I was pretty proud of all of our creativity.
It really is fun living in a house full of creative people. Each of us have things to offer on a creative level. K. is in music therapy and plays the piano, harp, drums, guitar, french horn, etc. and she paints, colors in coloring books, and sews. Not to mention, she has amazing style. A. and Will are DJs. A. also plays the violin, the nose flute, the mandolin, a little keyboard, and can throat sing. He's pretty good at drawing, a great dancer, and is a very smart person and an innovative thinker. Will of course, in addition to his DJing skills, also plays guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, double bass, clarinet, etc. and is very good at creating and painting tiny models (mostly of Civil War stuff). He is also very creative and smart and funny, and looks very sexy when I make him model for me. hehe J. is a dancer, a great entertainer, and used to play in band as well. She has done a lot of traveling and has all sorts of interesting stories. And then there's me. I'm a music teacher. I sing, play trombone, piano, recorder, and percussion; I write novels, stories, poems, songs, and articles; I like to draw, paint, color, and sketch. I make my own jewelry, bath and body products, cleaning products (sometimes) and I crochet. I also enjoy flower arranging (I've always wanted to take a class) and cooking.
So, as you can see... we have a lot of creativity going on around here.
As for our Halloween creativity, check out some of the results:

The Gypsy Pirate PonchoMeg ready to take on the world!

A. as a Star Wars character. If you don't recognize the species of alien, then you're not as big of a Star Wars fan as A. is. haha

Will and K. as robots. I was making them dance for me! I caught K. doing these sweet moves.

Will and me. Robot and Gypsy Pirate Queen!! Check out the awesome Beatles puzzle on the wall. We did it as a house. :)

By the end of the night, after parties, and costume making, and just hanging out and having a great time... the house was a mess, but we all just wanted to relax with the cats. Here I am with my baby boo boo, Ava, and my good buddy, Binks.

I hope all of you had as much fun as I did for Halloween. But remember, you don't need a holiday or a special occasion to be creative and have a great time with your family and friends. You can do it any day. Or every day...