Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sitting, Drinking Coffee, Writing, And Listening to Music... What a Life!

Today is another Saturday. I love Saturdays. Especially when I don't go anywhere, and I can just focus on my creativity and relaxation. What could be better?
This Saturday started at 8:30 am. Not by choice, but because my darling cat Ava wanted out of my bedroom, and her way of showing this was to knock as much stuff off of my nightstand as possible until I woke up. I will say though, I am grateful to my little baby Ava, not for her destruction, but for getting me up. If I get up early, I always feel more accomplished.
So anyway, I got up and let her out and started some coffee immediately. Then I settled in to my computer to make a Saturday playlist on I-tunes. I called it: Fun Time Playlist. It seemed appropriate. I got my coffee and sat outside to drink the first cup. This morning in East Lansing was cool, but still comfortable enough to sit outside in only my pjs and my house coat. (Yes, I have a house coat...) When I went in for cup #2 of coffee, I settled back in at my laptop and got some good writing done. (See today's earlier post.)
I have to say, sitting here listening to music and writing and just enjoying myself has been great. I would recommend it to anyone. And while I'm at it, let me recommend some great Saturday morning music for your own "Fun Time Playlist." Here are SOME of the songs on mine:

And many more...
If you want more suggestions, just let me know. But I would suggest making your own playlist (using my songs, or not) and just relaxing for awhile. It is still Saturday after all.