Monday, November 30, 2009

Cloud Magic

Living in a college town has it's benefits. One of the best benefits is the plethora of artists who seem to gravitate toward the local, college town locales. There are poets, painters, instrumentalists, singers, etc. and they can be found in coffee shops, at festivals, and at the local bars.
Recently, I have gotten the chance to see a group of artists perform together at a local bar and I have to say... I was very impressed. I had heard this band's latest cd already, but seeing them live only added to my high esteem for them. The band? Cloud Magic, an amazingly funky, psychedelic rock jam band. 
Why do I like Cloud Magic so much? Well, first of all... they're good. Really good. And it's nice to see raw, local talent that already sounds like a seasoned band. Secondly, they're doing something outside the realm of what is "popular" in music today.
"The fact that on their Myspace page they list The Beatles, Phish, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie as some of their influences is definitely no surprise, as their musical stylings drip with such influences. But the wonderful thing about Cloud Magic is that there is something about them that cannot be identified with a band of the past... there is something about Cloud Magic that is distinctly unique. Perhaps it's the obvious fact that Cloud Magic is playing music far removed from today's modern pop music scene, but arguably, music that is much more valuable. When one is immersed in the sounds of Cloud Magic, the world is at peace. One can see a future painted with beauty, art, and love." -An excerpt from "Cloud Magic," an article I wrote for Squidoo.
Finally... the members of Cloud Magic are just really groovy people. I met lead singer/guitarist/founding member Dave through my roommates, and I knew right away that he was a great guy. Need proof, check out what Dave had to say about his purpose in life:
"My purpose on earth is to speak the message of unity and understanding. I am here to move people, who may have their light switches turned off, not realizing. I attempt to flip every last one on full blast. Wake Up. Love one another, if you want to save your self, save one another and the universe around you."
Since meeting Dave, I have also met Sarah, another important member of Cloud Magic. Just hearing her voice and the emotion she delivers through it made me think she had to be a magical person, and after spending less than 5 minutes with her on our first introduction, I could tell that she really was. She is genuinely sweet and BONUS...she's studying to be a music teacher. A girl after my own heart!
The other two guys I haven't gotten a chance to really hang out with, but they both seem nice and if they are making that inspiring music with Dave and Sarah, they've gotta be pretty cool.
So yeah... I like Cloud Magic. I may even love Cloud Magic. Check them out for yourself and see what you think.