Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Oh Friday and Project Runway

So I don't work on Fridays. This is a good thing for sure. Last night I was so tired after work, that as soon as "Project Runway" was over, I was out! I am still tired today! Speaking of "Project Runway"... let me say, I am disappointed with the outcome. I wanted Carol Hannah to win so badly, and honestly, hers was the only collection where I liked every single piece. It seems as though others agree as well. Just check out this article: Irina Wins Project Runway, But Everyone is Talking About Carol Hannah
And even though Carol Hannah didn't win, she is still my favorite. And she's on Etsy! Check it out! Carol Hannah on Etsy

In addition to watching the disappointing "Project Runway" and falling asleep, I also worked yesterday and found out I sold some jewelry! This is always a good thing.

I love making jewelry! I would like to do some more things for my Esty store though (for the holiday season) I thought about doing some centerpieces, Christmas decorations, and scarves. But then the hard part comes in... how will I buy my supplies?

My gluten-free diet is eating up all my money... it's frustrating. But on the plus side, I am pretty sure that I have lost weight (we don't have a scale here, so who's to say? But it seems like it!) My clothes are fitting better so I can't complain. Not that weight loss is the main goal of the gluten free diet, but it's definitely a good added bonus!

Well, I should probably go for now... I have been getting distracted looking at stuff online while I was writing this! haha Some of the things that grabbed my attention:

And pictures of Carol Hannah and/or Logan. haha

Peace and Love,