Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bohemian Activity

So I have had all sorts of fun things going on and a few truly Bohemian moments.
First of all, on Monday, Will and I went to visit friends a few hours away. He met up with his former roommate and I got to see my beloved friend, Leah. She's about as much of a Modern Bohemian as I am. She's laid back, free spirited, creative, and independent. She is an artist and a teacher and a wife and a mother, and she is amazing. Being with her always makes me feel more connected to my creative and spiritual side. I love it!
Then yesterday, I was able to hang out with some friends around here. We had a blast sitting around, relaxing and chatting on our friend's back deck. Sometimes it is just so nice to be surrounded by nature and take it all in.
Today, I had to pay rent and had a very Bohemian moment. I am supposed to write my apartment number on the outside of the envelope when I pay rent, but I didn't have a pen. Or a pencil. Or a marker. Or any kind of writing utensil. So I wrote my apartment number in lipstick! haha!
Also today, I decided to share some more about the Modern Bohemian by writing the ehow article: "How to Be a Modern Bohemian." 
Anyway, there's still more to do, so I'm signing out for now. But don't ever stop coming back... I promise I'll always have something to share with you.