Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bike Ride

We went on a lovely bike ride yesterday. (We being me, Will, and one of our roomies, K.) It was such a fun time! We rode to QD (Quality Dairy, for those of you not from Mid-Michigan) and got some ice cream. We sat on the curb and ate our treats and I felt a sweet memory of childhood flood back into my body. It's always nice to have experiences that bring up reminders of a happier, more carefree time.
Anyway, after QD we went through Michigan State University's campus and explored. We saw a giant polar bear in the Natural Resources building, enjoyed the fountain in front of the library, and took a little walk through the botanical gardens.
After the gardens, we rode back home and had some time to ourselves. It spent most of my time reading (Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason... one of my guilty pleasure books) and doing laundry. Also, I made sure to get some time in on Evony. Later we all hung out and smoked the hookah while watching Curb Your Enthusiam. Way funny show, but I find myself feeling so bad for Larry David! The episode we watched last night was of him performing in "The Producers," so it was not a new episode, but it was new to us. The whole time I was freaking out. I could barely watch. I was just thinking "Oh no, please don't let it all fall apart for him! Not now!!" haha Amazing how television can have such an effect. But I am a sucker for good tv, good movies, good music, good plays, musicals, and opera... anything creative that tells a story really.
Now today I am focused on creating income. I'm making money now, but not really enough. I must find a way to make ends meet, and hopefully whatever way I find can fit into this lifestyle I have become used to. A free lifestyle where I have time for creativity, reflection, relaxation, friendship and love. And bike rides. :)