Thursday, August 27, 2009


So my cousin N. said to me something about how he gets by in life by focusing on his philosophies. He thought it would help me, because I have been a little... well, down in the dumps about the fact that our world is so fueled by money. I jokingly stated that my philosophies are solid but would probably only do me good in a commune, as a housewife to a wealthy (yet still Bohemian) man, or as a globe trotting celebrity who spent lots of time doing charity work. :) Okay, so this isn't entirely true. I can still have freedom, creativity, peace, love, fun, and inner serenity and have a "real" job... but it's trickier for sure.
I think what I need to do is follow my own advice. I wrote an article relating to people who need money, but aren't really made for the "daily grind" (and I'm not talking coffee. Mmmm... coffee.)
The title: "How to Make Money When You Aren't a 9-5 Kind of Person"
I talk about working part time, making money with your hobbies and passions, and basically... just making it happen. Which is what I need to do: Make it Happen! (Or as Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!")
So, here is the list of things I need to do:
1. Get at least 1 part time "real job."
2. Get some students and teach lessons
3. Sell some more of my jewelry
4. Get some gigs as a singer
5. Write more ehow articles
6. Get more followers for this little blog of mine
7. Sell some stuff out of my sweet online store
8. Spend more time being my creative self and eventually, it may help with the money issue (Basically... finish and publish my amazing book and sell millions of copies. hehe)
So yeah... I've got some work to do.
But I have realized something in these last few weeks of (self-created) torment... I can't give up the freedom I have found. I am me. I love me. And there are so many things about my life and my view on life that I cannot allow to be diluted or polluted by this modern world and this obsession so many have with money and power.
Jimi Hendrix said it right when he said "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
So I will continue to trust in the power of love. Love for others, love for life, love for the natural beauty in the world, and love for myself.
And everything will be alright...