Thursday, November 4, 2010

PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian is Getting Read Around the World!

Visitor Demographics for 
PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian...     

United States 78.0%
United Kingdom 9.0%
Romania 3.0%
Denmark 2.8%
Russia 2.0%
Canada 1.5%
Brazil 1.1%
Australia 1.0%
South Korea 0.5%
France 0.1%

Apparently, PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian
is read in all sorts of places around the world.  
This cheers me up a little, knowing that I really
can reach the world... little by little.

I will say, I am surprised at how low Canada
is on this list.  Where all my Canadians at?  
You all live right next door! haha

Just playin' Canada.
But seriously, let's see if we can spread
this Modern Bohemian love a little further.  
I'd like to see a few more countries on this list. :)
Like Germany... where's Germany!?!?!
Ich liebe dich, Deutschland!
Kommen Sie zu meinem blog! Bitte!  
What about Italy?
Visita il mio blog! Per favore. :)
(I hope I said all that right! haha)

Keep it coming world.
And I will keep sharing with you. 
And together we can spread
peace and love and understanding
and show that all people, 
from all walks of life,
from all over the world,
CAN come together as a community;
in peace.

Peace and Love,

P.S. - Here are some helpful resources
if you want to be a world traveler...
or at least feel like one. :)  
And/or for if you just want to
connect with other people around the world,
like I am apparently doing with 
my little blog here! haha  Enjoy: