Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Highlights of My Bohemian Weekend (Featuring Furry Friends)

This weekend had a lot of good things in it.  I saw a lot of friends, my sister and her new husband got back safely from their honeymoon, Tum won some pizzas for all the guys, and Will bought some groceries.  Mmm... real food.

In addition to all that, I also got to go to a craft show with my mom in Mason, MI.  It was a great time.  She got a lot of cool stuff and even bought me a snowman! I love him.  He's sitting on top of my entertainment center smiling down at me as I write.

My favorite part of the weekend though?  Putting out the pumpkins from Halloween.  Why?  Well, because when we busted them up and put them out back, the squirrels loved them and went crazy over them!  Check it out:


I know some people have a hard time understanding my love of squirrels and my desire to feed them (most notably, my mom) but there is just something so magical and cute about squirrels.  Maybe it's the puffy tail.  Or... maybe I like squirrels because they are like gypsies.  Hmm....

Anyway, the other thing I did this weekend was research, write, and read.  When I wasn't at the craft show or outside with the squirrels I was working.  But I think it's gonna pay off.  I got an interview with Wilhuff I can work with, lots of new ideas and outlines, and most impressively (maybe): a series of 12 lists on List My Five that give fun and helpful information on your birth month.  If you want to check them out, just click on your birth month below:


And that's about it.  Oh, except I  forgot to tell you... I got a call from the unemployment office today.  I have to call them back tomorrow.  And talk about what?  I don't know... maybe I just have to beg them to help me! In any case, please wish me luck!  This Bohemian needs some money soon!!
Peace and Love,