Monday, February 1, 2010

A San Francisco Reaction to the Westboro Baptist Church: AKA: A Creative Response to Hate

For those of you who are unaware of the Westboro Baptist Church, read about them on Wikipedia here.  Or you can look at their website, but I refuse to link to it.
Or you can just listen to my biased take on the WBC.  I think that they are giving a bad name to the Christian community because so much of what they do is about hate, not love and forgiveness as our man Jesus taught us. Plus, they simply walk all over public decency with their demonstrations.  Protesting at funerals and using words of hate and holding signs that say some of the most horrible, ignorant things (I have actual experience with this.  If you have not, count yourself lucky).
Recently though, the WBC turned up in San Francisco to do some protesting, not at funerals or anything, but at very public places including by the Golden Gate Bridge, outside a performance for Fiddler on the Roof, and at the San Francisco Bay Twitter Headquarters.  But what they were greeted by was not a mob of angry people, sick of them and their constant spewing of hate, but instead, by a group of people with a joke on their lips (and in their hands), love in their heart, and creativity on their side.  Hate, meet your protest challenger: Humor.
Please, read San Francisco's Answer to the Westboro Baptist Church by Ed Hunsinger to see more.
And please, whatever religion you practice, whatever group you may join, whether you are in the mainstream, the counterculture, or somewhere in between... try to remember that not everyone thinks like you. And that's OKAY!  And even if you want to try to change opinions... don't do it with hate.  I wish the people of WBC could remember that.
Peace and Love,