Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays From PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian

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Christmas (the Holiday I happen to celebrate) is coming up fast!  It's strange how Christmastime somehow feels different than any other time of the year.  Not just because of the mad rush of capitalism everywhere, but for some other reason...
We seem to appreciate one another more at Christmastime... I wonder why that is...
A friend of mine died, and many people lamented and complained, saying how awful it was that he died so close to Christmas... as if the passing of a beloved member of our life is any easier around, say... Independence Day?
But there is a difference... and that may not be entirely bad.
I mean, if there is something that comes around every year to remind us to appreciate loved ones, enjoy the gift of giving, and eat, drink, and be merry, then, well... I say we should be glad for the change in spirit, pros and cons included, because that change in spirit brings a lot of magic too.
And Jesus plays a huge role here (obviously), but for more reasons than just being born.  Jesus was a smart guy.  His whole life was spent promoting peace, love, understanding, and changing for the betterment of all humankind.  How easily some of us forget these things throughout the year.  But when Christmas roles around, how can you NOT be reminded of Jesus, his many good deeds, and his impact on the world?
Now I know that there are people out there saying "What's with all this preachy stuff?  I'm not a Christian... I'm in the counterculture!  So are you!  Why are you talking like this?"  But to me... Christian or not (which I am not, as I cannot fully commit to any form of organized religion... it may be the organized part that's a problem... but I digress...)  What was I saying?  Oh yes, Christian or not, you have to admit that Jesus was promoting some pretty radical, groovy ideas back in his day.  He showed a lot of intelligence, compassion, empathy, strength, love, understanding, and determination.  Why shouldn't we celebrate such a man and allow him to help others to change in spirit for the better, even if only once a year?
But... I mean... I don't know everything, and I would never go as far to say that everyone should celebrate what I celebrate... but please, whatever you celebrate, use this Holiday season, the rest of the year, and the rest of your life, to do some of the magical things that this time of year promotes, such as:
Helping others
Loving your loved ones
Appreciating all of life's gifts
And trying to be better every day.
Happy Holidays Everyone.
Peace and Love,