Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bohemian Hippie Gift Guide 2011

It's that time of year again! The holidays are upon us it's time for us to do a little hippie, bohemian, free-spirit shopping. Whether you are the hippie, bohemian, or free-spirit or the people you buy for are, this guide can help you find all the best gifts for the holidays. You can even do a lot of your shopping directly from this blog! So sit back, relax, & enjoy as I present you with the Bohemian Hippie Gift Guide 2011.


Gift Ideas

Books, Movies, Art, and Music
Leg Warmers
Lava Lamps
Glow in the Dark Stars
Pay for a friend or family member's recycling services for a year
Gift cards
Posters, and wall decals
Pipes, water pieces, vaporizers, one-hitters, grinders, and other "tobacco" paraphernalia
Tickets to a play, musical, art show, concert, festival, etc.
Door beads
Bean bag chairs
A variety of teas and/or coffees
Anything with peace signs on it

Homemade DIY Gift Ideas

Blankets, towels, scarves, purses, socks, hats, sweaters, slippers, etc. (crochet or knit)
Soaps, scrubs, body washes, lip balms, perfumes, etc.
Gift baskets
An original song
Baked goods (sugar cookies, fruitcake, breads, etc.)
and so much more! Be creative!

Great Websites to Shop On

Helpful Resources

Charitable Giving Ideas

It's always a nice idea to give in your own name too. Perhaps you can donate to a local food bank, homeless shelter, or animal rescue this year. You can always donate to your favorite charities as well, during the holiday season and all year round.

I hope that this guide will help you out this holiday season, and I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful season of giving and sharing. Remember, it's not about the tangible gifts you can hold in your hand, but about the gifts of love you share between humanity, family, and friends.
Happy Holidays!

Peace and Love,