Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012... WOW!

What a new year this has been. Obviously, I've been busy... it's been awhile since I've posted.
Well, not only have I been busy... my computer kinda pooped out on me. Sadness...

But life goes on. Will has been kind enough to let me use his laptop for all my needs lately. So here I am.

I am trying to get back into writing & getting music going (after months of seasonal depression & such... bleh...) but I have also been busy nannying some kiddos & preparing to be an aunt & becoming an aunt!

My precious nephew was born on March 30th. He is ADORABLE!! I have so much love for him it is overwhelming; & so wonderful.

I will write more later. But for now I am still recovering from some dental surgery & need some sleep. Stay tuned.

I love you world!!!

Peace & Love,