Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gluten-Free: Not Just an Annoying Dietary Demand

So I have been almost 100% gluten-free since the end of 2009 due to health problems and gluten intolerance, and now that I am in 2010, I am trying hard to avoid all contamination and be gluten-free, healthy, and happy.  In addition, I have been wanting to be more active, lose weight, and tone up before my sister's wedding in November.  Luckily, these two things have gone hand in hand.  Since being gluten-free and becoming more active, I have lost 29 lbs!!! Yes!  Amazing!

The most important thing I feel like I have gotten out of all of this though, is the true appreciation for healthy eating.  Basically, eating things that make your body feel good as well as look good.  I have always loved organic food, veggies, fruit, things like that, but now I am coming up with so many more uses for my favorites, as well as introducing new foods I hadn't really eaten before (Quinoa, polenta) and loving it.
Another added bonus: just cooking gluten-free, healthy meals for me and my house family and friends.  I love to cook, and I am an experimental cook anyway (meaning, I rarely make the same thing twice because  I never really follow recipes and I just go with what feels cool) so it has been exciting to make up new dishes and new methods for cooking certain dishes.

Some of my favorite things to do:

Southwest casserole (Rice based)
Steak and veggie kabobs (peppers, squash, onions, etc.)
Summer Salad (Fresh greens, veggies, and a light olive oil dressing... with asiago cheese)
Drizzle Dream (a yummy dessert)
Soup/Chili (Easy, fun, and experimental. haha)
Oven baked lemon/butter/garlic Tilapia
Green beans in garlic and olive oil
Beans and Rice

And so much more.  It's just fun.

And a little less work now that I am 29 lbs lighter... :) haha

If anyone out there wants any more information on gluten intolerance, celiac disease, gluten-free living, or going gluten-free as a method of weight loss, please let me know.  Leave a comment or send an e-mail to ponchomeg@yahoo.com and I will tell you more about my personal experience and direct you to some fantastic resources.  Just put "Gluten-Free Questions" in the subject line.

Peace and Love,