Sunday, August 29, 2010

What has PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian been up to?

Okay, Okay... I know it has been ages, but I am ready to write regularly again.  My computer is at least operational, my schedule is slowing down (a little...haha), and I just really miss my online community.

So the question is... what has the modern bohemian been up to?

Well, I had my birthday back on June 2.  It was amazing fun.  Friends came over, we went out, and Cloud Magic played a special birthday song just for me. :)  Then, a few days later, we had a celebration for Will's birthday as well.  I got him a big bag of assorted goodies, including a bunch of "bad kung-fu movies" which = amazingly fun movies.  We had a bunch of friends over for that as well, and just had a great time.  Everyone signed a board for Will and left special messages.  It was cool to read them all when the night was over.

After all the celebrations with friends were over, our birthday celebration was not over.  Will made the "birthday season" even more special by surprising me with tickets to see Adam Lambert at Common Ground in Lansing.  It was AMAZING!!  I love Adam and how he desires to entertain, spread peace, love, and positivity, and just have fun!  Plus his voice is one of the best voices that has ever been.  Ever.

Since the concert, I've spent most of my time working out, being domestic, looking for jobs, and looking for a new place to live.

The working out has had great effects.  Now that I actually can lose weight (thanks to being gluten-free and healthy), working out is doing wonders.
I've mostly been doing Pilates and Jillian's 30 Day Shred.  It feels amazing, but it definitely kicks my butt! So yes... the working out has been going well.

Being "domestic" as I like to say has been beneficial as well.  I feel like I am connecting more with the Earth, and the natural flow of life.  Housework, cooking, running errands, making things, and taking care of the people and animals in the houses I live in is rewarding.  I like it.

In looking for new jobs, I have had all sorts of adventures, but I'll come back to that in a minute.

Because I need to talk about finding a new house.  I tell you, getting a house to rent was trickier than I thought it would be.  Sometimes the rent was just completely unreasonable, sometimes the neighborhoods where we could afford a place were not so good, and sometimes my credit (it's bad) interfered with the "deal."  But finally, I found a place and moved into it with Will, and two new roomies A.D.W. and Tum (and Ava and Gumby of course).

Not long after we moved in, I got a chance to go to a casting call for a movie being filmed in Grand Rapids.  I jumped on the opportunity and went to a hotel casting call for RealStyle.  Tum came with me, and we had to wait in line, fill out some paperwork, get some pictures taken, and then we were sent on our way.  But the cool thing is, I heard back from them.  And now, here I am, able to say that I have worked on a major motion picture.  No kidding.  I have been to three days of filming on a movie called "30 Minutes or Less."  And for one of the days, I got to do some driving for the background in one of the scenes and it was so much fun.

The best part about it all is that I got to meet so many cool people.  I made some new friends, shared a lot of stories (and heard a lot of stories), and really had a great time with the other extras and the crew.  Plus, I did get to see some movie stars and even talked to one. (Of course... I didn't realize it right away.  It was my first day of filming and I was so excited and nervous that I was just saying hello and good morning to everyone! haha)

So yeah... that's been pretty amazing.

Also on the job front, I applied for a job with a church, and even if I don't get the job, I have to say, my experience with the people of this church has been amazing.  The community that they have is open, compassionate, and kind.  The pastor is an amazing guy who gives sermons that don't make me angry (as many have in the past) and I have really enjoyed each of my visits to the church.  Especially the one where I got to direct the choir.

Anyway... what else?

Well, I got to go to my very first Tigers game at Comerica Park!  I had never been to a professional baseball game before.  I had always just watched them on TV.  But A. took Will and me when he took his nephew and I had such a blast!  Kenny Loggins sang the Star Spangled Banner, and the Tigers won!  I got to see Inge up close and that was cool too.  Paws even pointed at me.

What else, what else??

Ah yes, me, Will, our friend J.W. and Tum went to GR one Friday for "Electronic Music Night."  That was a pretty fun time.  It was cool to see a diverse group of people there.  It was like several countercultures all came together to be one counterculture for the night. haha  Hippies, Punks, Emo kids, the "Alternative" crowd, Bohemians, Stoners, Ravers... all sorts of people of all walks of life were there... and that to me is groovy.
 I have to say, I also really enjoy House music and other forms of electronic music.
If you are interested in some sweet electronic music, I recommend you check out:

Daft Punk
Fedde le Grand

And enjoy.

Besides all that, I have also been trying to work on music.  It's been a struggle, and I am not sure why.  I am trying to work with my friend Jeff, trying to work with Will, and even auditioned for a band.  And we may start our own band here at the house.  But it's rough...
On the plus side, I got a ukulele and have been learning to play that.  It's challenging to get it all right and make it sound it's best, but learning the basics wasn't so bad. (Thank you Music Education degree.  I'm glad you're good for something.)  Maybe if I get good enough, I'll post a video.  Maybe...

I also went on a big trip with my mom to the U.P. and to Mackinaw City.  It was such a good trip, that I am going to create something online that gives all of the trip info. in case anyone else wants to experience some of the same things we did.  It will either be a blog post or an article, but I will make sure to get you all a link to it.

It actually is inspiring me to make another blog... all based on Michigan tourism, arts and entertainment, and local lifestyles.  I think it could be something great.  It will take a lot of work, but look for it soon. :)

What else?  What else?  Well... A. and K. have some new roomies as me, Will, and our other roomie C. all moved out, but it's still fun to go visit the old place.  The new roommates are cool too it seems which is always nice.  I like meeting new, cool people.
Will, A.D.W., and Tum are all going to be heading to school, so I will be having a lot of time to myself at home.  That's alright though, I've been painting and doing photography and soon I'll get back to work on the book.  But I do still want to get out sometimes though. haha  I'm hoping to get booked as an extra for more movies.  It's fun to do, and getting paid to be on a movie set to me is crazy and like a dream come true!
I also may need to get a "real" job.  We'll see... I'm not sure I'm cracked up for the daily grind.  In fact... I'm sure I'm not.
So... I just gotta keep my options, my eyes, my mind, and my heart open.  And opportunities will come.

I hope you feel up to date.  I'm sure that there are things I forgot to tell you, but such is the life of a modern bohemian... even when you're "up to date" there's still so much mystery. ;)  And I like it that way.

I hope you're all doing well.  Keep checking back for updates.  The Bohemian is Back!

Peace and Love,