Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Money, Money, Money... Must be funny... in a Rich Man's World."

My title comes from an ABBA song about, well... money.  This is because I have money on the brain.  Not that I WANT to have money on the brain.  But when you have no money and need money, money tends to be on the brain.

"Oh... all the things I could do, if I had a little money. It's a rich man's world!"

Why do I NEED money?  Well, the way I live requires that I pay rent, utilities, etc.  Not to mention that I have a car I occasionally drive, debt up the wall, and 2 pets to take care of.  As much as I would sometimes like to give up the house and car and live in some commune somewhere, I know that as a modern bohemian, I need access to my technology to thrive.  And I like living in a house as opposed to a tent or my car again.

So I need money.  This is true.
And it's been frustrating because I have a hard time getting money.  Yes, I am on unemployment.  But I constantly run into problems with getting my money on time.  Like right now?  No unemployment money since mid-January.  Grr...

But I am doing everything I can (legally) do to make money.  I am still writing, I worked with my friend at an Expo for $50, I take back cans and bottles from home (and those I gather), I sell stuff to pawn shops and second hand stores, I advertise with Adsense, Google Affiliates, and Amazon Associates, I have many online stores, including at CafePress and Zazzle, and I recently started donating plasma.  I am still also doing some extra work in television and movies (but those opportunities are few and far between), I still sell on Etsy from time to time, and I am a part of Sponsored Tweets and MyLikes.  But I tell ya... for as much as I do, the money is still hard to come by.

I AM looking for a part time job too! (For all you haters out there who think hippies, bohemians, and free-spirits are just lazy...) But the problem is that I am "unqualified" to do a lot of the jobs available.  (Funny, since I have a college degree and 12 years of work experience...) When I DO get interviews, they always go with the person with "more experience." IE: NOT ME.  Frustration!!!

It's awful that a lot of people (friends even) don't understand the stress I am feeling or how desperate things can get around here.  Most of them don't truly seem to realize that I can't really go many places because a.) I can't afford to drive there b.) I can't afford to spend money once there and c.) I am not a person who easily accepts others' offers to "cover it" because I have been burned BAD in the past.  I just want them to understand.

I love my friends and family, but I am in a tough spot.  And until I can somehow dig myself out of it (and I WILL) I hope that they can provide me with a little more understanding.

Anyone else struggling to get by?  What are you doing to pay your bills? Let's help each other out!!

For now, I have to go try to make some more money.

"I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay... ain't it sad?"
Yes, ABBA.  It is sad.

But positivity still rules the day (for now) so I am off to make it happen!!!
Peace and Love,